As a caregiver , you have many items on your plate but one of the most important is that of planning which we never make time to do. We plan for emergency such as hurricanes etc but do you have a plan if something should happen to you? Who would take care of the person you are caring for, ie spouse, parent or other loved one. We do not want to think about what can happen to us as caregiver, but we need to. Caregiver are least likely to take time to ensure that they are current on their shots (flu), medication, that they see a doctor when they are sick, or take time for themselves to de-stress, etc and studies have shown that the loved one can out live the caregiver due to these items. Due to this issues and other that are out of your control, you need to ensure that you have a plan of action on who will be taking care of your loved one. We are taking about items such as you running to the store and having a car accident and having to be taken to the hospital, falling and getting hurt, anything that would stop you from caring for your loved one. Is there anything on your ICE (in case of Emergency) on your phone that shows your emergency information and that your are a caregiver and who to call so they can come an take care of your loved one. If you are not using ICE on your phone or another program like that, do you have anything in your purse or wallet showing your medication and information and who to call to take care of your loved one. We know that you have your loved ones information with you at all times just in case, but do you have yours? The person who they need to call, how soon can they get to your place, do they have keys, do they have paperwork so they can take your loved ones to the doctor if need, etc. Can you loved one be left alone for that length of time, etc. You need to have some sort of plan to cover items such as who is able to come imminently (most times within hours or how ever long your love one can be left alone) to take care of your loved ones, are they current with your loved one condition and how to take care of them. If they haven’t seen them in a while and your love one wouldn’t know them due to changes in their condition (ALZ/remember gotten worse) are they going to be able to take care of them, are they going be able to get in to your place, how long are they going to be able to stay there, If they can only take off for a few days do you have another person to them come in? How are they to be called? Do you have information on this with the 911 system, on your phone or on your person? Do you have a health care surrogate for your self and an alternate other than you for your love one? These are thing no one what to think about but you as a caregiver need to have in place and need to make sure that everyone including your love one (if possible) involve knows about and keep it current. This will give you a little peace of mind and hopefully it will never needs to be put in place.

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