Monthly Archives: February 2016

Here are some apps that might make your life easier, manageable or just more fun. These are for either a smartphone or tablet and are free. There are many, many others out there other than these few and all you have to do is “Google” the type of app you are looking for. You will need to know what type of operating system is on your phone. If you can’t download them, ask for help with another seniors, your grandkids, or other kids, they can do these in their sleep. We are only suggesting these not endorsing them.

Magnifying Glass with Light or Magnifying Glass Flashlight each works essentially the same way by allowing users to use their mobile device as an illuminated magnifying glass for text and even everyday objects

Medisafe Medication Reminder, Prescription and Pill Organizer: This app is helpful to anyone that doesn’t want to have to worry about remembering when and how much of a medication to take, and can be used by both patients and caregivers. As a bonus, it has a feature that will alert a confidante if you didn’t “check in” for taking your medication, allowing you to receive an extra reminder if needed. Or Well Being Plus is a mobile scheduling reminder. It has a dual use for seniors: you can use it as a daily planner or calendar to remind yourself of appointments or lunch dates, and you can set reminders of when to take your medicine, exercise, and more.

Remember the Milk: Despite its name, Remember the Milk is a tool for way more than building a grocery list. This app is great for making customized lists, and adding a status of high, medium and low importance. You can also add tags or locations to your different lists or tasks, so when you arrive at the mall, for example, you can easily pull up every item you need to pick up while there. It also includes a calendar feature, so you can see what’s coming up by day, week or month without feeling overwhelmed by a giant pile of lists. Or you can use Evernote, which will allow you to make notes, list etc & keep them in order.

Classic card games such as Solitaire, Fun Bridge and Canasta. Roll the ball is slide puzzle is a simple addictive unblock puzzle game. Mahjong: This tile matching game has been played for centuries. There are brain games such as Countdown, Puzzle play, etc. Most of these games can be played off line to so if you don’t have unlimited data, you can still play.

Also make sure on your phone that you have placed ICE(In Case of Emergency) on your phone. You can download an apps for this or just add it to you contact list on your phone, but remember if your phone is set to lock, then make sure you have it set like your camera so it can be bypassed by EMS.

You can also get weather alerts, road conditions, notification by local law enforcement and just about anything else that you want to set up or load on your phone so enjoy and have fun.